How to Change WiFi Password and Name?

You can change your WiFi Password and Name by simply following the guide given in this article.

WiFi Security is our responsibility, so just change your WiFi Password and Name to secure your WiFi from random people.

Keeping a particular Name and a Secure Password to the WiFi not only secures your Internet but also secures your Devices connected to the same WiFi from Hackers.

Please Note: These Steps above are most common for all WiFi Routers, which means you can change your WiFi Password at your home by following the steps above.

Easy Steps to Change WiFi Password:

  1. First Visit your WiFi Admin IP. – (Written on the Backside of the Router).
  2. Then log in with your Default Admin Username and Password. (Given at the backside of the Router).
  3. Once you are Logged in Go to Settings >> Wireless Settings.
  4. Here it’s important to choose any Security Protocol “choose WPA2” and then You will see an option for Password below.
  5. Enter any 8-digit Password with an Alpha-Numeric pattern that you can remember and Save the Settings.

If in case you need special guidance for your router you can contact us or comment so that we can share the help with you.

Change WiFi password in Windows 10

How Change WiFi Password for Different company Routers?

There are lots of popular router companies and most of them use this common WiFi setting to change WiFi Password.

So I am going to cover 3 brands of them if you face any issues with your WiFi Router settings let us know in the comment box or use the contact form to get a reply from us.

WiFi Password Change Setting for TP-Link Router:

  1. First Visit your Router Admin IP Or
  2. You will see a Login page enter your Login id and Password. (default Login and password is admin)
  3. Then you will see a Dashboard find Settings option on that page.
  4. Then Go to Settings >> Wireless Settings there you will see WiFi SSID and Password option.
  5. Enter the New Password for your WiFi and to change your WiFi name enter a new SSID.
  6. If you feel this is difficult contact us and we will reply to you soon.
Change WiFi Password for TP-Link Router

WiFi Password Change Setting for Netgear Router:

  1. Connect Your PC with the Router and Visit Admin IP (Default IP is or Or Visit
  2. Then You will see a Login Window, enter your Username and Password (Default Username and Password are admin)
  3. If you face an issue finding the Admin IP and Username check the Backside of your WiFi Router.
  4. Once you are Logged in to the Netgear Router Go to Settings >> Basic >> Wireless Settings.
  5. There you will see some options eg. SSID, Security Option, and Network Password or Key.
  6. To change your WiFi Password simply change the Password or Network Key under the Security option.
  7. And To change your WiFi Name Simply change the SSID it will change your WiFi name also.
Netgear WiFi Password Change Settings

Default IP and Login Password for Different Routers
Router BrandLogin IPUsernamePassword
US Roboticshttp://