dlinkrouter.Local | D-Link Router Login and Setup

You can simply use the dlinkrouter.local web address to set up your D-Link Router without knowing the Default IP Address for admin login.

If you are new to setting up your WiFi Router then follow the guide given in this article. You will find all necessary information from how to setup your Router to How you can make it secure.

Router Admin Login for IP

How to Setup D-Link Router from Start?

Setting up any router first time is a little bit hard for everyone. But don’t worry I will share step by step guide to set up your D-Link Router from the beginning.

Follow the steps below to Log in to your D-Link Router Admin Page:
  1. First Make sure You are connected to your D-Link Router WiFi.
  2. Then Open any Browser and Visit or dlinkrouter.local
  3. Then You will see one Login Page enter your default Username and Password as admin
  4. Then You will see one Page to set up your Internet and WiFi Password.

D Link Setup New Router

Setting Up Internet and WiFi in D-Link Router:

As Shown in the Image Above You will see two tabs 

  1.  WAN Setup
  2. Wireless Setup
WAN Setup:- Choose the DHCP connection type and enter the Username and Password Provided by your Internet Service Provider.

Wireless Setup:- Under this section type any name in SSID Which will be your WiFi Name.
And Type any Password under the Key tab this Password will be necessary if anybody wants to connect to your WiFi.

Change D-Link Router Login IP:

Every D-Link Router comes with the default Admin Login IP which is and you can make it secure to change this address to any IP address for example

  1. First, log in to Your D-Link Router by visiting and then entering your Username and Password.
  2. Then go to Settings >> Administration/Profile Settings.
  3. There you can change the Default Login IP/Login Gateway Address from to any other up to
  4. Once you change the IP Save Changes and Reboot your WiFi to apply the Changes.

Change D-Link Router Password:

Yes, once you have secured your Login IP for D-Link Router you must secure your WiFi Password or the Admin Password at least.

  1. First, make sure you are logged into the Admin Dashboard of your D-Link Router.
  2. Then Go to Settings >> Wireless Settings to change your WiFi Password.
  3. You will see the Security Key option; Enter your New Password and Save Changes.
  4. Go to Settings >> Administration/Profile Settings to change Your Admin Password.
  5. Here You will see your OLD Username and Password, change the Password, and Save Changes.

You will need to REBOOT Your Router to Apply Any Changes. And once you change your WiFi Password you will need to connect to the WiFi again.

Forgot Login Passowrd RESET D-Link Router:

All done, Have you secured your D-Link Router but unfortunately forgot all Passwords you have set up a long time ago?

Dont Worry!!! You can still log in to Your D-Link Router and manage your Internet/WiFi.

Tip: Make Sure you have asked for the Internet Username and Password of your Internet Service Provider.

  1. First, take your Router and look for the RESET button.
  2. Long Press the RESET Button for 5-10 Seconds and wait.
  3. The Router will Reboot and all settings and passwords will be reset to the default.
  4. Now Connect your PC/Laptop to the WiFi Visit and enter your Username and password as admin.
  5. Now Setup Your D-Link Router from the start as shown at the top of this article.

If you face any problem you can contact us or comment below so that we can help you as soon as possible.