Router IP Finder – Find your Router IP Address

Please Note, The Router IP or Router Admin IP is different than your Internet IP. When You connect to the Internet a Random IP is assigned to you but the ROuter IP is fixed which you can change or assign to set up your Router Admin Settings.

Here I Present an IP Locator for your Router Internet, this IP Finder will tell your exact IP address and Location where you are using this with what Internet Service Provider is.

Isn’t it surprising that this tool can tell a lot of information just by using your Internet and IP?

How to Find your Router IP?

The Default Router IP and Default Admin Username and Password are already Printed on the backside of your WiFi Router. If you have not changed the Default IP and Password just check your Router’s backside and use it.

Recommendation: I would suggest you must change your Router IP and the Username and Password for Security purposes because the Printed IP and Login Information are easily available and your router may get hacked.

Default IP and Login Password for Different Routers
Router BrandLogin IPUsernamePassword
US Roboticshttp://

If you do not find the above information useful then don’t worry I have alternate methods to find out your Router Admin IP address.

  1. Find Router IP using Command Prompt on PC.
  2. Find Router IP using Mobile Phone WiFi Settings.

Tip: If you don’t find the Router IP and it’s urgent then you can Simply RESET your Router and use the Default IP address and Username printed on the backside of the router.

Router IP Finder on PC using Command Prompt:

  1. First Make sure your Windows PC is connected to your Router
  2. Then Open Command Prompt and type ipconfig and press enter button
  3. Then You will see some information there look for the Gateway Address which is your Router Admin IP Address.
Router Admin IP Finder using Command Prompt

Alternative Method on Windows PC:

  1. First Make Sure your PC is connected to your Router.
  2. Then Go to the Control Panel >> Network and Internet >> Network and Sharing Center
  3. Click on the Internet Connection Name then click on the Details option.
  4. There is Network Connection Details Tab find Default Gateway which is your Router Admin IP.
Router IP Finder in Windows PC

Find Router IP Admin Address using Mobile Phone:

Yes, If your Mobile Phone Android/iPhone is connected to your Router WiFi then you can find the Admin Login IP of your Router using your Mobile Phone.

Follow the Steps given below:

  1. First Go to Settings >> WiFi >> Select and Hold your WiFi name.
  2. Then Click on Configure or i button shown next to your WiFi Name.
  3. Then you will see a Status option there find IPV4 it could be or which is your Router Admin IP address.

Router IP Address Finder Apk for Mobile:

Yes, you can simply download an App on your Android Phone and connect to any WiFi Router and then use the App to know your Router IP.

Router IP Finder Apk
  1. First, Connect to any WiFi Router you want to Find the IP.
  2. Then download the Router IP Scanner App Here.
  3. Then You will see a LOOKUP button in the app click on it to see your Router IP.
  4. You can also use the blue button to Access your Router and Change the WiFi Password.

There are lots of Android Apps that can tell any detailed info about your WiFi router, you can search for them on the Google Play store.