Router Setup Guide

If you are using a TP-Link Router, D-Link Router, Netgear, or any other router I will share the All Router Setup Guide here. And if you did not find your router company guide here comment and I will update the setup guide.

Also, I have shared a separate Router Setup Guide for the Following Routers:

Detail Router Setup Guide for All Routers
  1. D-Link Router Setup Guide
  2. TP-Link Router Setup
  3. Netgear Router Setup Guide
  4. Router Setup Linksys
  5. Asus Router Setup Guide
  6. OpenDNS Router Setup Guide
  7. Verizon Router Setup Guide
  8. Mi Router Setup Guide
  9. Vodafone Router Setup Guide
  10. Nokia Router Setup Guide
  11. Airtel Xtream Fiber Setup Guide
  12. Jio Router Setup Guide
  13. Tenda WiFi Router Guide

If you want to learn about more routers please comment below and I will share a detailed guide to login and setting up your WiFI Router.

WiFi Router Setup Basic Guide:

There are some basic terms that you need to keep in mind while you set up your WiFi Router. Make sure you know the basic difference between Modem Vs Router.

A Modem is a device that is used to bring an Internet connection to your Home or Office from the Internet Service Provider. The modem can be connected to ISP via cable or Wireless Network.

Whereas A Router or WiFi Router is a device that expands the internet connectivity from your Modem in your house/office to your PC/Laptop and mobile devices.

Nowadays modems are upgraded and come along with an inbuild router system for eg. Nokia ONU which is used by Airtel Xstream Fiber and works as a modem and a 2.4G+5G WiFi router both.

Basic Setup Guide for Modem to Router to Computer:

As you can see in the image below you can distinguish between a Modem and a Router. The Modem converts the telephonic signals to the Internet and the Router Expands the connectivity of the Internet to your PC.

Basic Internet Setup from Modem to Computer via Router
Basic Router connection

Note: Modern Modem may come along with an inbuild Router, if you are using a fiber optic network this is possible.

If you are using a LAN cable Network Provider and want to setup your WiFi Router follow this guide:

  1. Turn ON your Router Power and connect it to your Incoming LAN Connection.
  2. Then Visit the default Admin IP address of your router or (check your router IP on the backside of your router)
  3. Now login to the Admin Panel using your Username and Password (check your router Admin Password on the backside of your router)
  4. Once Logged in click on the Setup Wizard button and follow the step-by-step guide.
  5. First Select the Connection Mode to DHCP and enter the Username and Password assigned by your Internet Provider.
  6. Then Enter a WiFi Name in the Next Step Choose the Security option as WPA2 and Enter a WiFi Password.
  7. Now Your WiFi Router Setup is all done just Connect with your Router again and enjoy the Internet.

Note: If you are stuck then Just Reset your Router First and Then follow the steps above. These steps are only applicable to Fresh Router.

Router Setup Login Page:

The Router Setup Login Page or Router Setup Admin Page is only accessible through a particular IP address assigned by your WiFi Router company.

The Default IP address can be changed if you want to secure your WiFi Setup Login Page. You will find all the necessary Information on the backside of your WiFi Router.

I have shared some Default Login Page IP addresses with the Default Username and Password of some popular WiFi Routers below.

Default IP and Login Password for Different Routers
Router BrandLogin IPUsernamePassword
US Roboticshttp://

Router Setup page Apk:

Router Setup Page Apk is an Android App that helps you to find your WiFi Router Default Login Page IP address. But there is no need to use such Apps because You can find your Router Login Page IP using your PC/Laptop or Mobile

How to Setup NETGEAR Router?

Setting up your Fresh NETGEAR WiFi Router is as easy as any other WiFi Router. You just need a few basic things and we can set up your NETGEAR WiFi Router within 10 Minutes.

  1. First Power ON your NETGEAR Router and connect your PC/Phone to the WiFi
  2. Insert the Internet LAN Cable provided by your Internet Provider.
  3. Then Open a Browser and Visit OR use this IP
  4. A Login Page will open then use the username as admin and the Password as Password
  5. Once you are logged in go to Settings >> Advance Settings >> Setup Wizards.
  6. Then Follow the Procedure by clicking the Next option and choose these Options (Network Type = DHCP)
  7. Enter the Login and Password provided by your Internet Provider and click Next
  8. You can skip the WiFi Name and Password if you want and click Save settings.

Congrats!!! You have successfully set up your Netgear WiFi Router within no time.

How to Setup TP-Link Router?

Again the same procedure is to set up your new TP-Link Router. If you are using any old router please RESET the Router first to start the configuration from the beginning.

TP-Link Router Setup Guide
  1. First Power ON your TP-Link WiFi Router and Connect your Mobile/PC to the WiFi
  2. Connect the Incoming LAN Cable provided by your Internet Provider.
  3. Then Open a Browser and Visit OR use this IP
  4. Then A login Page will open enter your Login ID and Password both as admin
  5. Then You will see an option with Setup Wizard if not go to Advance Settings.
  6. Follow the Process to Setup Wizard and choose Network type as PPPoE.
  7. Then Enter the Username and Password provided by your Internet Provider.
  8. Save all settings and finish the Setup.

Congrats!!! You have completed your TP-Link Router Setup Now enjoy the Internet.

Quick Setup Guide for Linksys Router?

If you want a quick Setup guide to set up your Linksys WiFi Router then you are at the right place. If you need a detailed guide you can check the official webpage of Linksys Router Setup.

  1. First Power ON your Linksys WiFi Router and connect it to your PC/Mobile.
  2. Now Connect the LAN cable provided by your Internet Service Provider.
  3. Then Open any Browser on your PC/Mobile and visit myrouter.local OR use this IP
  4. If any Login Page appears use admin in both username and password fields and login.
  5. Then a Setup Wizard will appear for New Router users, choose the Manual Setup option
  6. Then Follow the Procedure and click Next to choose the Network Type as PPPoE.
  7. Then on the Next Page enter the Username and Password Provided by your Internet Provider and click Next.
  8. Now if you want to change the WiFi Name and Setup Password follow the process and click Next.
  9. Once you have done all setup click on the Finish button and Connect to the Router Again with the New WiFi password.

Congrats!! The Linksys Router is working with the Internet, Enjoy.